Chicago Executive Airport [PWK]

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Chicago Executive Airport Guide

Elevation: 646 ft (197 metres)
Timezone : GMT -6*
Sunrise Today: 05:25 CDT†
Sunset Today: 20:12 CDT†
† CDT Central Daylight Time
* Time difference may vary during the year due to DST (Daylight Saving Time) e.g. Central Daylight Time.

Where can I fly to from Chicago Executive Airport?

The following airports have direct connections with Chicago Executive Airport. Select an airport from the list below to view 5-day weather forecast, monthly climate guides, location map and sunrise/sunset times. Discover also which airlines operate there and where you can fly to directly from there.

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Airlines serving Chicago Executive Airport

The following airlines have direct flights to/from Chicago Executive Airport. Select an airline from the list below to connect to its website or view a list all airports served by that airline with flight times to all destinations.

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