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Airports in Mallorca (Majorca)

Below is a list of airports in Mallorca (Majorca), Balearic Islands, Spain operating scheduled and charter flights. Select an airport from the list below to view 5-day weather forecast, monthly climate guides, location map and sunrise/sunset times. Discover also which airlines operate there and where you can fly to directly from there.

Code Airport Name Town Name Country Name
PMI Palma Mallorca Airport Palma Mallorca Spain > Balearic Islands > Mallorca (Majorca)

Worldwide Airports

Find out which airlines operate from which airports and where they fly to. View monthly climate guides, 5-day weather forecasts, location maps and sunrise/sunset times for each airport. Simply enter an airport or town name, select a country, state or province, or pick the first letter of an airport or town name.

Airport / Town
Airport Country / State / Region
First letter of Airport Name
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First letter of Town Name
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